Unkai Terrace Cafe Wing Extention


Shimukappu, Hokkaido, 2021 

雲海テラス: 新デッキテラス「雲cafe」


Despite in the middle of critical pandemic situation, the construction of Unkai Terrace completed in July 2021.

“Unkai”  means sea of clouds in Japanese.

We designed extension wing of existing ski gondola station includes cafe space and deck terraces.  Since the site is located in the middle of steep slope in Mt. Tomamu, over hanging deck terrace is supported with cantilever beams in order to minimize construction area.  From the deck terrace we can overlook excellent view of Unkai in summer and frozen tree landscape in winter.

Design and Supervision:  Satoshi Kojima, KOJIMA DESIGN Inc.

Design Advisor: Junpei Sato, i-Tech

Structure Design: Tetsuri Yamauchi, T&A Associates

Mechanical Design: Takao Sasaki, Mitsui Construction Corp.

Schematic Design Assistant: Takeshi Nakashima, Masafumi Sumiyoshi

Design Assistant: Shinzo Furuta, Hiroaki Tanaka, Rie Suzuki

Interior, Furniture and Signage: Satoshi Kojima, KOJIMA DESIGN Inc.

General Contractor

Extension wing: Miyasaka Construction Corp.

Renewal: Mitsui Construction Corp.



設計・監理 児島理志(児島デザイン)

計画監修 佐藤潤平(アイテック)

構造設計 山内哲理(T&Aアソシエイツ) 

設備設計 佐々木孝夫(三井住友建設)

基本計画協力 中島壮、住吉正文

実施設計協力 古田真三、田中宏明、鈴木理惠

テラスベンチ、カフェ内装、サインデザイン 児島理志(児島デザイン)

施工 宮坂建設工業(増築工事)